Spring Recruitment and Pinewood Derby

Things are revving up for Pack 84 Scouts!

Spring Recruitment

Pack 84 continues to grow! Since December, we have had two new friends officially join our Pack, and one visitor who is in the process of registering. To date, our Pack includes: 4 Lions (age 5), 1 Tiger (age 6), 3 Wolves plus one in the registration process (age 7) 1 Bear (age 8), 1 Webelo (age 9), and 7 AOL (age 10).

We love our growing Pack, but always welcome more. Spring recruitment is officially underway. If you invite a friend to attend a meeting, and they sign up for Scouts, you and that friend will be invited to attend this year’s Extreme Scouting event at Camp Sequassen in June! It’s never too late in the year to sign up for Cub Scouts. For more information on our Pack and joining Sherman Scouts, reach out to Molly Garcia, Kristin Stephens, Helen Brazil or James Parker.

Pinewood Derby

Racers, get ready to start your engines! Sherman Pack 84 Pinewood Derby is scheduled for Saturday, March 4, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Registered Scouts will receive their cars to begin work at their next meeting. Parents, siblings, and friends can also buy a car ($6.00/per), and compete in a race.

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